20 patients discharged from hospital on Saturday evening after treatment

Ulhasnagar :- In Ulhasnagar Manpa area, on Friday, people had breathed a sigh of relief due to the arrival of just 2 new patients from Corona, while on Saturday, once again 10 people got scared. At the same time, due to getting 10 new patients, the number of coronas infected in the city has increased to 18.Among the 10 new patients who are found, 3 are male patients and 4 are female patients, including a four and a half year old and a 12 year old girl. According to the press release issued by the health department of Manpa, a 24-year-old female patient near Ulhasnagar-1 Century School,Ulhasnagar-1 A 42-year-old male patient near Satyanarayan Papad Building and 3 female patients including a four-and-a-half-year-old and a 12-year-old girl and a 36-year-old female, Ulhasnagar-2, a 51-year-old female patient at Khemani campus, Ulhasnagar-3, two female patients and one male patient and a 25-year-old male patient from Ulhasnagar-1, Shahad gate complex, have been found corona positive.

All patients have been admitted to Covid-19 Hospital in Ulhasnagar 4 for treatment. The number of active patients of Corona is now 100 in the city, and so far 71 patients have gone home from their health due to this epidemic. Of the 20 patients who were discharged from the hospital on Saturday evening, the age of 5 patients is above 50 years. At the same time, 5 people have died.

6 patients of corona met today in Kulgaon Badlapur
The total number is 153
During the Kulgaon Badlapur municipality, on Saturday, the number of total corona infected has reached 153 due to the discovery of 6 new corona infections. Of the 6 patients found today, 6 are comprised of men and 2 women. However, after the treatment of 55 patients and the death of 6 patients, the total active corona infection has now reached 79.

Corona virus is not taking the name of pause in Kalyan Dombivali
30 other people got infected with Corona on Saturday
In Kalyan Dombivali, the number of corona infections is increasing day by day, according to a release issued by Kadomonpa, 30 patients sent to hospital for treatment today include 14 male patients, 11 females and one 6-year-old child.In this case, the total number of corona infected in Kalyan Dombivali has been 624, in which 24 patients have been cured after treatment, while 14 patients have died due to corona, now the total number of active patients in Kalyan Dombivali is now 71.

The total number of dead 65
Total number of corona infected in Thane 1791

Under Thane metropolitan municipality, 138 infected patients of Corona were found today, which has brought the total number of infected people to 1891 in Thane. Of these, 718 patients have recovered after treatment, and 65 patients have died due to corona. In such a situation, there are a total of 1210 active patients of Corona in Thane.